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USATF Certified Course
New Balance-North Jersey Grand Prix Event
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  • Always contact the race to confirm dates and times.

  • Race Directors: Please check the information for your event(s) to be sure all data is correct.

  • Email corrections to  usatfnj@usatfnj.org

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Past Races | Other NJ-Area Race Calendars

Active USATF NJ membership is required to earn Grand Prix points in Grand Prix races.

February 2013

2/3 Somerville Super Sunday 5k, 11am, Somerville, 908-642-4321, (s#053)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

2/9 Postponed due to weather Cupid's Chase Glen Rock, 10am, 390 Doremus Ave, Glen Rock, (s#058)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

2/9 Cancelled due to weather Hot Chocolate Series, 10am, Pier Village, Long Branch, raceinfo@splitsecondracing.net, (s#098)

2/12 Fat Tuesday Two Mile, 4pm, Cedar Grove Town Park, Cedar Grove, 518-232-7040, (s#050)

2/24 Four Mile Beach Run, 3pm, Pier Village, Long Branch, (s#122)

March 2013

3/9 Farmers Insurance St. Patty's Day 5k, 10am, Ginty Field, Morris Twp, (s#107)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/10 Miles for Music 20k & 5k, 9am, Highland Park, 908-612-6049, (s#029)(c)(20K-NBGP-700pts; 5k-NBGP-500pts)($)

3/16 Michael Cassidy Shamrock "n" Run 5k, 10am, Rutherford, 201-280-3748, (s#003)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/16 Bordentown St. Paddy's Day 5k & 2 Mile Walk, 10am (5k), Bordentown, 609-575-2835, (s#049)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/16 Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k, 9am, Haddonfield HS, Haddonfield, 856-428-1666, (s#163)(c)($)

3/17 KEA Pot of Gold 5k, 9am, Kinnelon HS, Kinnelon, 201-230-7797, (s#011)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/17 The Princeton 5k, 8:30am, Princeton HS, Princeton, 908-642-4321, (s#055)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/17 Sneaker Factory Spring Run, 10k, 11:30am, South Mountain Reservation, Millburn, 973-376-6094, (s#103)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/23 St. Bartholomew Academy 5k, 9:30am, St. B Academy, Scotch Plains, 908-577-7088, (s#039)(c)

3/23 Middle Earth's Run from Winter 10k, 10am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, (s#071)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/23 Pancake Run 5k, 9am, Lodestar Park, Rt 94, Fredon, 973-579-9177, (s#104)

3/24 Postponed to May 4th Apple Chase 5k/10k, 10am, Pequannock Regional HS, Pompton Plains, 973-706- 8969, (s#030)(c)(NBGP-500pts-Both races)($)

3/24 Ocean Drive Marathon, 10 Mile and 5k, 9am, Cape May, 609-523-0880, (s#052)(c)(NBGP-500pts-Marathon; 10 Mile & 5K)

3/24 Are You Faster Than a Ridge Runner, 5k, Noon, Mountain Park, Basking Ridge, (s#068)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

3/30 D&R Canal Watch 5k Run, 10am, Washington Crossing State Park, Titusville, 609-462-5368, (s#063)

April 2013

4/6 The Bizzie Lizzie 5k & Fun Run, 10am, Mack-Cali Business Campus, Parsippany, 973-845-2697, (s#008)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/7 Cherry Blossom Run, 10k, 10am, Branch Brook Park, Newark, 973-376-6094, (s#017)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/7 Indian Trails 15k, 3 mile, 9am, Middletown, (s#040)(NBGP-700pts-15k)($)

4/7 Cancelled Cancer Care Run / Walk for Hope, 9am, Mercer County Park, 201-444-6630, (s#055)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/7 Run Like Hell-th 5k, 9:30am, Stephen R. Gregg Bayonne Park, Bayonne, 908-245-3000, (s#085)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/7 Strides for H.O.P.E. 5k, 10am, Livingston HS Oval, Livingston, 973-322-4331, (s#088)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/7 Green Village Fire Department 5k, Green Village, 908-642-4321, (s#403)

4/13 Ship Bottom Sprint for Life, 5k & 2 Mi walk, 12:30PM, Ship Bottom boat ramp-9th Street & the Bay, Ship Bottom, 609-709-4576, (s#002)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/13 Belvidere Fox Trot 5k, 9am, Garret D. Wall Park, Belvidere, 908-235-6669, (s#061)

4/13 Ryan Steidl Memorial MK5K Run/Walk, 8:30am, St Clares Hospital, Pocono Rd, Denville, (s#064)(NBGP-500pts)

4/13 Run for Aaron 5k & 1 Mile, 9am, 4680 Dante Ave, Vineland, 609-805-0644, (s#114)(c)

4/13 Colonia 5k Classic, 9am, St John Vianney Church, Colonia, 732-815-1431, (s#115)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

4/13 Run with Eagles 5k, 9am, Byron Johnson Park, Allentown, 609-731-3967, (s#124)

4/14 Garden State Plaza 5k & 1 Mile, Postponed from November, 8:45 & 9:30am, Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus, 908-245-3000, (s#069)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/14 Team Tyreek's 5K, 9am, Mercer County Park, (s#075)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/20 Mt. Olive Momentum, 9am, Turkey Brook Park, Budd Lake, 973-691-0900x7261, (s#014)(NBGP-500pts)

4/20 Building Tomorrows 5k, 10am, Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, 908-902-8587, (s#038)(NBGP-500pts)

4/20 River Edge Run, 5K, 10am, Cherry Hill School, 410 Bogert Road, River Edge, 201-599-6295, (s#051)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/20 Main Street 5/10k Festival, 9:30am, Fieldhouse at Sparta Athletic Club, Sparta, 973-222-8748, (s#059)(c)(NBGP-500pts-Both races)($)

4/20 Stride for the Cure 5k 2013, 3pm, Meadowlands Race Track, East Rutherford, (s#125)

4/20 Earth Day 5k, 10am, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, 973-898-1261, (s#156)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/21 Miles for Matheny, 5k, 12:15pm, Liberty Park, Peapack, 908-902-8587, (s#037)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/21 Running on Love in Montclair, 5k, Postponed from November, 9:30am, Montclair, 973-537-9300x16, (s#070)(c)(NBGP-500Pts)

4/21 Unite Half Marathon & 8k, 8am, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 856-308-7523, (s#072)(C)(NBGP-500pts-Both races)

4/21 Run for ALD, 5K, 10am, Cooper River Park, Pennsauken, (s#211)($)

4/21 Skyline 5k, 17th Ave at Port Imperial Blvd, West New York, NJ, (S#213)

4/21 Connor's House 5k, 9am, Morristown, (s#217)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/27 Clinton Country Run, 5k, 15k, 1 mile, 9-9:40am, Bundt Park, Clinton, 908-812-4806, (s#023)(c)(NBGP-700pts-15k;500pts-5k)($)

4/27 Run with Rotary 5k, 10:35am, Montgomery Upper Middle School, Montgomery Township, (s#054)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/27 Essential 2 Life 5k, 9:30am, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, 908-902-8587, (s#079)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/27 Run to Win America - New Jersey, 5k, 9:30am, Corner of East High Street and Grove, Sommerville, 405-308-8481, (s#081)

4/27 Running 4 Answers, A Race Against Alzheimer's, 5k, 8:30am, Roseland, 973-896-9263, (s#083)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

4/27 CASA KIDS 5k and Family Fun Run, 8:30am, Princeton Pike Corporate Center, Lawrenceville, (s#133)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/27 Woods and Lakes Run, 5k & 10k, 10am, (age 30+only), Birchwood Lake, Mountain Lakes, 973-335-2799, (s#157)

4/28 Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5k, 8am and 8:45am, Lincoln Tunnel, Weehawken, 609-482-2244, (s#004)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 Waldwick Chamber of Commerce 5k, 9am, Waldwick HS, Waldwick, 201-693-6734, (S#046)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 FIT 5k, 10am, Buccleuch Park, New Brunswick, 732-887-0480, (s#082)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 HOMESHARING 5k & 1 Mile, 9:30am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, 908-245-3000, (s#086)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 Expand Your Horizons 5k, 10am, Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, 973-535-1999x117, (s#073)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 Dash for Duchenne 5k, 10am, Mercer County Park, West Windsor, 609-647-7123, (s#139)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 North Haledon Rock & Run for Education 5k, 9:30am, High Mountain School Field, North Haledon, (S#128)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/28 GOT 2B SAFE 5k Run / Walk, 9am, Morristown, (s#158)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

4/29 2nd Annual Berkeley Elementary School 5k Run / Fitness Walk, 9am, 351 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, 973-440-8084, (s#012)

May 2013

5/4 Miles for Isles, 5k, Mercer County Park, West Windsor, 609-341-4752, (s#006)

5/4 Cinco de Mayo 5k, 9am, Old Lafayette Village, Lafayette, 973-903-9609, (s#120)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/4 Apple Chase 5k/10k Postponed from March 24th 10am, Pequannock Regional HS, Pompton Plains, 973-706-8969, (s#030)(c)(NBGP-500pts-Both races)($)

5/4 Step Up For the Arc Walk & 5k Run, 9:30am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, 908-725-8544x610, (s#141)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

5/4 River to Bay 5k, 8:15am, Island Heights (post office), (s#187)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/5 Our House 5 Miler, 1pm, The Green, Summit, 908-902-8587, (s#027)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

5/5 West Milford Animal Shelter 5k Run/Walk, 9am, West Milford, (s#090)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/5 Madison High Five 5k Run and Walk, 10am, Madison HS, Madison, 973-514-1057, (s#093)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/5 Escape to the Palisades, 13.1 and 5k, 9am, Ross Dock, Palisades Park, (s#097)

5/5 Rescheduled to 6/15 Run For Your Life 5k, 6pm, Clinton Community Center, 67 Halsted St, Clinton, 732-841-2558, (s#134)

5/5 Strive for 5 Bridgewater 5k Fitness Challenge, 9am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, 908-528-2493, (s#111)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/10 Joe Vastano 5k Memorial Run, 7pm, St. Gregory the Great Parish, Hamilton Square, 609-587-1131x232, (s#236)

5/11 The Newport 10,000, 8:30am, Newport Town Square, Jersey City, 201-362-8326, (s#024)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

5/11 Dylan's Dinosaur Stomp 5k Run/Walk, 10am, Modick Park, Hopatcong, 973-600-6753, (s#089)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/11 Mary Therese Rose Run & Mary's Mile, 10am, Darlington Park, Mahwah, (s#091)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/11 NJ Walks for Williams & 5k Race, 9am, Veterans Park, Hamilton Square, 609-638-5541, (s#119)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/11 Lyndhurst Merchant's 5k Run, 9am, Lyndhurst, 201-935-4410, (s#129)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

5/11 Dora Pederssen 5k Run, 8:30am, Northwest Christian School, 92 Rt 519, Newton, (s#116)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/11 Shepherd Lake 5k, 8am, Ringwood, (s#145)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/12 32nd Annual Rubin Run, 5k, 10k, 1/2M, 7:45am, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 201-569-7900x1474, (s#126)(c)(NBGP-500pts-all three races)

5/12 HoHa Classic, 1 & 5 mile races, Pier A Park, Hoboken, (s#407)

5/12 Summit Area YMCCA 12th Annual Mother's Day 5k Run/Walk, 9am, Connell Corporate Park, 200 Connell Dr, Berkeley Heights, (s#235)(c)

5/16-5/19 3 Days at the Fair, 9am, Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, (s#077)(c)

5/18 Pennington 5k, 8am, 425 S. Main St, Pennington, (s#105)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/18 Skeeter Beater, 1mi 5k, 9am, Cape May County Park, Cape May Court House, (s#130)

5/18 Annual Maywood 5k Run, 9am, Memorial Park/Grant Ave, Maywood, 201-845-0920, (s#164)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

5/19 Miles for Mike, 8:30am, Greenview Park, 27 W. Parkway, Pequannock, (s#005)(c)

5/19 Run for Rachel, 9:30am, Memorial Oval, Livingston, 908-902-8587, (s#026)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

5/19 Hair of the Dog 5k, 10am, Silver Decoy Winery, Robbinsville, 609-213-7132, (s#202)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/19 A Run in the Park 5k - Highland Park 5k, 9am, Highland Park road course, Highland Park, 732-828-8444, (s#210)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/19 WEFE 5k Run/Walk, 9am, North Caldwell, (s#110)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/19 SuperHero Half Marathon and Relay, 8:30am, Ginty Field, Morristown, 201-738-2443, (s#117)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/22 Pfizer 5k Run for Pride, 6:30pm, Giralda Farms, Madison, 973-376-6094, (s#215)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/23 The Legal Runaround 5k, 7pm, Somerset County Courthouse, Somerville, 908-245-3000, (s#087)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

5/25 Spring Lake Five Mile Run, 8:30am, Spring Lake,732-449-3544, (s#160)(c)

5/27 Fred D'elia Ridgewood Run, 10k 8am; 5k 10am; 1 Mile 11am, Linwood & Maple Ave, Ridgewood, 973-333-4837, (s#022)(c)(NBGP-700pts-10k; NBGP-500pts-5k)($)

5/27 PowerBar Mayor's Trophy 5k Run, 9am, City of Rahway, Rahway, 732-669-3600, (s#136)($)

June 2013

6/1 LAKEVIEW 5k, 9:30am, Roosevelt Park, Edison, 732-549-6187x539, (s#076)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/1 Hillsborough Hop 5k, 8am, Hillsborough Family YMCA, Hillsborough,908-369-0490x722, (s#127)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/1 Run for the Ribbon 5k, 9am, Wheatsworth Field, Hardyston, (s#177)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/1 Wayne AM Rotary 24th Annual 5K Race and Walk for Health, 9:30am, Packanack Lake, Wayne, (s#201)(c)

6/1 Sgt John A Lyons Run to Remember, 5k, Seaside Park, (s#226)

6/2 Stomp the Monster 5k and Festival, 10:30am, Marlboro, (s#028)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

6/2 Tenafly 5k, 9am, Tenafly HS Track, Tenafly, 201-567-8313, (s#078)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/2 Matt Fenton Memorial 5k, 9am, Little Ferry, 201-641-9234, (s#096)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/2 Bob Beckert Scholarship 5k Run, 10am, Watchung Hills Regional HS, Warren, 908-391-6307, (s#140)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/3 Roxbury Community Benefit 5k, 7pm, Succasunna, 973-219-4494, (s#109)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/7 Postponed to June 28th Rumson Fair Haven Run, 5k 7:15pm, 1 mile 6:45pm, Rumson Fair Haven HS, Rumson, (s#250)

6/8 Firehouse 5k, 9:30am, Moose Lodge, 280 Spring St and Diller Ave, Newton, 973-222-8748, (s#112)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/8 Chatham Fishawack Run, 4 mile & 1 mile, 9am/9:30am, Chatham Train Station, Chatham, (s#198)

6/8 Club Metro's Got Heart! 5k for the AHA, 9am, Jersey City, 201-451-1911, (s#212)

6/9 Princeton Healthcare 10k, 8am, Weaver Track, Princeton University, Princeton, 609-731-3581, (s#100)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/9 Portugal Day 5k Race, 9am, Iberia Restaurant, Newark, 201-650-1220, (s#020)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

6/9 Run for Marge Memorial 5k, 8am, Pequannock Twp, 973-835-9253, (s#175)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/9 Run To Read 5k, 9:30am, Harry Dunham Park, Basking Ridge, 908-432-7580, (s#170)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/9 Postponed. New date not yet determined. Legs of Love, Marathon, Half Marathon at 8am; 5k & 10k at 10am, Branch Brook Park, Essex County, 212-869-8085, (s#193)(NBGP-500pts-all 4 races)

6/9 Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma, 5k 9:30am, Overpeck Park, Ridgefield Park, (s#401)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/9 Patrick Allocca 5k, 9:30am, Oak Ridge Park, (s#204)(c)

6/9 Run for Education, 10k 8:30am; 5k 10:30am, Dorcester School, Woodcliff Lake, 201-391-4799, (s#406)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

6/13 Postponed to June 20th. Flag Day 5k, 7pm, Bernards Twp, (s#203)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/15 Jim Hegedus 5k Memorial Run, 10am, Veterans Park, Hamilton Twp, 609-585-3290, (s#062)(c)

6/15 5k Run/Walk to Curb Hunger, 9:30am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, 908-616-3604, (s#106)(c)

6/15 The Valerie Fund Walk & JAG Physical Therapy 5k Run, 8:30am, Verona Park, Verona, 973-761-0422, (s#168)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/15 O'Burg 5k Run, 9:30am, Ogdensburg Firehouse, Ogdensburg, 973-222-8748, (s#169)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/15 Florham Park Jaycees 5k, 9am, Holy Family Parish, Florham Park, 732-261-7673, (s#171)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/15 Run for Your Life 5k, 6pm, Clinton Community Center, 67 Halsted St, Clinton, 732-841-2558, (s#134)(NBGP-500pts)

6/15 New Milford 5k, 9am, New Milford, 201-265-1712, (s#224)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

6/16 ACS Run for Dad, 5k 8:45am, Mercer County Park, West Windsor, 908-902-8587, (s#043)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/16 The Westwood Dad's Dash, 5k 8:45am, Westvale Park, Westwood, 551-427-2505, (s#099)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/16 Rebuilding Together Father's Day 5k Race / 2k Walk, 8am, Saddle River County Park, Paramus, (s#113)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/16 Chief's Challenge 5k, 9am, Hopatcong HS, 2 Windsor Ave, Hopatcong, 201-874-6475, (s#159)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/17 President's Cup Night Race, 5k 8pm, Charlie Browns, Millburn, 973-376-6094, (s#237)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

6/22 Union Beach 5k, 9am, Spruce St & Henry Hudson Trail, Union Beach, (s#172)

6/22 Patriot's Race, 5k, 8k, 9am, Mendham, 908-245-3000, (s#189)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

6/22 10th Annual ICS-IHS Race4Freedom, 5k 8:30am, 240 Mountain Ave, Somerville, 908-722-0200x222, (s#207)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/23 Fitzgerald's 1928 Lager Run, 6:15pm, Hurrell Field, Glen Ridge, 973-809-9311, (s#138)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

6/23 Run for Danielle 5k, 8:30am, Basilone Field Lot 1, Bridgewater, (s#216)(c)

6/24 Battle of the Business 5k, 7:30pm, Florham Park, 908-665-8038, (s#267)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/25 ETS Firecracker 5k, 7:30pm, ETS campus, Princeton, 609-497-2100, (s#196)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/27 Sunset Classic, 5 Miles 7:30pm, Foley Field, Bloomfield, 973-303-2037, (s#066)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/28 Rumson Fair Haven Run, 5k 7:15pm, 1 mile 6:45pm, Rumson Fair Haven HS, Rumson, (s#250)

6/29 Amber Pizzo Memorial 5k, 9:30am, Berkeley Heights, 908-322-3322, (s#154)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/29 Freedom Run: A 5k to Protect Children of New Jersey, 8am, Johnson Park, 1030 River Road, Piscataway, 732-246-8060, (s#199)(c)

6/29 Rockaway Rotary 5k Run, 10am, Rockaway Borough, 973-625-5056, (s#414)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

6/30 Cancelled Youthful Faces, 8am, Pompton Plains, 973-906-2081, (s#206)(c)

July 2013

7/11 Lawyers for Kids 5k, 7:15pm, Ginty Field Complex, Morris Township, 908-902-8587, (s#042)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/11 22nd RWJ University Hospital Strides for Stroke 5k and 2k Health Walk, 6:30pm 2k, 7:30pm 5K, RWJ University Hospital, Hamilton, 609-890-8343, (s#247)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

7/14 Sprintin Clinton, 5k 6:45pm, 67 Halstead St, Clinton, 908-279-0112, (s#094)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/14 Eden Autism 5k and Fun Run, 9am, Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton, 609-987-0099, (s#222)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/16 Party With Purpose 5k and Kids Run , 7pm, Pier A Park, Hoboken, 908-216-5187, (s#223)

7/18 Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic 5k, 7:30pm, Headquarters Plaza, Morristown, 973-898-1261,(s#409)(c)

7/20 Teterboro Airpoty 5k, 8:30am, Teterboro Airport, Teterboro, 201-291-0368, (s#065)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/20 Run So The Kids Don't Have To, 5k, 1 Mile, 8am, Campus Dr, Sylvan Rd, Parsippany, (s#256)(c)

7/21 White Meadow Lakes Festival 5k, 8am, 100 White Meadow Rd, Rockaway,973-983-8084, (s#232)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/22 9th Annual AYC "Run From the Sun" 5k, 8:30am, Avalon Community Center, Avalon, (s#084)($)

7/24 Downtown Westfield 5k, 7pm, Elm & Quimby Streets, Westfield, 908-902-8587, (s#056)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

7/28 5th Annual JFK Medical Center Foundation Miles for Minds 5k, 9am, Roosevelt Park, Edison, 732-632-1540, (s#132)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

August 2013

8/1 Toys for Tots 5k Run, 7pm, Evergreen Center, 400 Inman Ave, Colonia, 732-499-9199, (s#273)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

8/10 Belmar Chase 5k, 8:30am, Belmar, 877-849-8722, (s#276)($)

8/18 Green Mile Charity 2nd Annual 5k Race, 8:30am, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, (s#289)(c)

8/25 POSTPONED New date not yet set CJRRC Not Quite Fall Classic, 4 Miles, 8:30am, Nomahegan Park, Cranford, (s#272)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

8/31 4th Annual Ovarian Cancer Feat for Hope 5k Run/Walk, 9am, Veterans Park, 2206 Kuser Road, Hamilton, 609-379-3287, (s#135)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

8/31 Life Center Academy Warrior 5k, 8:30am, Life Center Academy, Burlington, 609-499-4800, (s#419)


September 2013

9/1 The Jimmy D. Memorial 5k, 9am, Memorial Stadium, Joyce Kilmer Ave, New Brunswick, (s#015)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

9/1 Run the Reservoir Half Marathon, 8:45am, Westwood, 201-304-8219, (s#420)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/2 Verona Labor Day Classic, 1 mile 9am, 5k 9:30am, Verona Park, Verona, 862-201-9828, (s#248)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/7 The 4 Miler at Garrett Mountain, 9am, Garrett Mountain Reservation, Woodland Park, 908-902-8587, (s#101)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/7 Fallen Heroes 5k Memorial Run, 9:30am, Bar "A", Lake Como, (s#192)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/7 CrimeStoppers 5k/10k, 9:30am, Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, 973-222-8748, (s#268)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

9/7 New York Jets Back to Football 5k, Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, 858-768-6774, (s#277)

9/7 Helene Cody Cranbury 5k, 9am, and 1 mile fun run 8:30am, Main St, Cranbury, 609-213-6391, (s#429)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/8 Netcong Day 5k Street Fest, 10:30am, Borough Hall, Netcong, 973-347-7307x145, (s#147)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/14 Great Homes of Grey Hounds 5k & 1 Mile, 8:30 Walk; 9:30 race, Cherry Hill, 609-320-5894, (s#155)

9/14 911 Memorial 5k Race / Walk, 9am, The Green of Florham Park, 973-727-4125, (s#280)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/14 Ocean Avenue Mile, 8am, Ocean Ave, Long Branch, (s#417)(c)(USATF-NJ 1 Mile Championship)

9/14 Dustin Deckard Memorial Run, 5k & 1 Mi walk, 9am, Riverview Beach Park, Pennsville, 856-678-5402, (s#435)

9/15 Lyndhurst Emergency Squad 5k Run, 8:30am, Lyndhurst, 201-804-2469, (s#092)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/15 PAN Classic, 5k, 10k, 9am, Giralda Farms, Dodge Drive, Madison, (s#102)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

9/15 JLMN Run 4 Children at Risk, 4 miles, 1 Mile, 9am, Woodman Field, Montclair, (s#269)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/15 Jump Start Your Heart 5k, 10am, Oak Ridge Park, Clark, (s#423)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/21 Trenton Y 5k, 10am, Trenton YMCA, Trenton, (s#166)

9/21 The Paul Jackson 5k at Oak Ridge, 9:30am, Oak Ridge Park, Clark, 908-902-8587, (s#221)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/21 Rescheduled to 9/29 "Don't Fall, Let's Run!", 5k, 9am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, (s#265)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/22 Newport Liberty Half Marathon, 8:30am, Newport Town Square, Jersey City, 201-362-8326, (s#025)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

9/22 Cheshire Home 5k Run, 9am, Madison HS, Madison, 973-377-9531, (s#225)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/22 Lakad Tulong Loves 2 Help 5k Run/Walk, 9:30am, Stephen R. Gregg Park, Bayonne, 201-960-7965, (s#259)(c)

9/22 Berkeley Heights 5k, 9:30am, Memorial Field, Berkeley Heights, 908-464-8899, (s#262)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/22 Park Ridge Rotary and Halfway Hourds 5k Run/Walk, 10am, Park Ridge Municipal Pool, 123 Colony Ave, Park Ridge, (s#271)(c)

9/28 Haworth 5k, 9:30am, Haworth, 201-314-8656, (s#019)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/28 Beat the Clock Against Breast Cancer, 5k, 9am, 1st & 2nd Aves, Stone Harbor, (s#408)

9/28 Carnegie Center 5k for The Parkinson Alliance, 9:30am, Carnegie Center, Princeton, 609-688-0870, (s#246)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/28 Run for Jorge 5k, 10am, Riverdale Armory, Riverdale, (s#412)(c)

9/28 Octoberfest 10k and Relay, 10:30am, Rockaway Valley Aerodrome, Boonton Twp, 201-738-2443, (s#278)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/28 Hopewell Challenge 10k & 2 Mi, Hopewell Elementary School, Hopewell, 908-658-1250, (s#446)

9/28 Making Strides for a Billion Better Lives, 9am, Englewood Picnic Area, Palisades, Englewood Cliffs, 908-642-4321, (s#447)

9/29 Steeple Chase Distance Run, 10k 8:45am, 5k 9:30am, Hillsborough, 908-902-8587, (s#142)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

9/29 Cancelled Angels of Hope 5k, 9am, Hackensack

9/29 Hamilton School Community 5k, 8:30am, 1 Mile 9:30am, Hamilton Elementary School, Glen Rock, (s#255)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/29 Dr. Jim McLean Scholarship 5k, 8:30am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, (s#413)(c)

9/29 Voorhees High School Education Foundation 5k, Spruce Run Recreation Area, Clinton, 908-300-7386, (s#416)

9/29 BCB 4M Bayonne Bridge Run, 8:30am, Bayonne Bridge, Avenue A, Bayonne, (s#293)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/29 Meadowlands Hospital 5k, 9am, Secaucus, (s#303)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/29 Rescheduled from 9/21 "Don't Fall, Let's Run!", 5k, 9am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, (s#265)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/29 Doug Williams 5000 Meter Run, 9am, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, 973-809-9311, (s#328)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

9/29 The Jimmy Wilson Memorial 5k Run, Oaklyn, NJ, 856-655-1826, (s#434)(c)

October 2013

10/2 Newark Corporate & Individual 5k, 12:15pm, Washington Park, Newark, (s#323)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/5 Plainfield Historic 5k Walk/Run for Life, 1 Mile 9am; 5k 9:30am, Plainfield City Hall, Plainfield, 908-612-7810, (s#285)(c)($)

10/5 Mount Arlington Memorial 5k Run / 1 Mile Walk, 9:30am, Mount Arlington Memorial Park, Mount Arlington, 973-398-0139, (s#444)

10/5 5k Run & Walk for Hope, 9am, Nomahegan Park, Cranford, 908-889-7780, (s#425)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/6 Little Silver Classic 5k, 9:30am, Red Bank Regional HS, Little Silver, 908-239-7416, (s#095)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/6 Jonathan Slusher Memorial Scholarship 5k Run, 1pm, River Road & Columbia Trail, Califon, 908-832-7383, (s#191)

10/6 Carlos Negron Memorial Run, 9:30am, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, 201-991-9103, (s#274)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/6 Terrry Butler 5k, 11am, Hampton Boro Park, Hampton, (s#438)

10/12 The 5k Chiefs Challenge, 10am, Fairfield, (s#144)(c)

10/12 "Hit the Bricks" 5-Miler, 9:30am, 167 Main St., Sayreville, 732-390-7096, (s#241)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/13 Shades of Death Half Marathon and The Devils Run, Half Marathon, 6.66 mile race, 9am, Allamuchy, shadesofdeathrace@hotmail.com, (c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

10/13 Mahwah 10k and 5k Run, 8:30am/10:15am, Darlington Park, Mahwah, 201-961-2711, (s#213)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)($)

10/13 East Brunswick Road Races, 5k, 10k, 1 Mile fun run, 1pm, East Brunswick, (s#296)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

10/13 ARC of Hunterdon 5k, 9am, Clinton, 908-642-4321, (s#310)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/13 Wood-Ridge Mayors 5k Run, 10am, Wood-Ridge HS, Wood Ridge, 551-427-2505, (s#431)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/18-19 New Balance Reach the Beach Relay: New Jersey, 200 miles, Mountain Creek to Seaside Heights, 8am, Vernon, (s#302)

10/18 2nd Annual Club Metro Mayor's Cup to Benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County, 9am, Jersey City, 201-451-1911, (s#673)

10/19 CPL Breakfast Run, 5k, 9:30am, Cerebral Palsy League, Cranford, 908-902-8587, (s#229)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/19 12th Annual Heroes to Hero 5k, 9am, Gloucester City Fire Dept, Gloucester City, 856-364-0441, (s#251)($)

10/19 Comfortree 5k, 9am, Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, (s#418)(c)

10/19 Wyckoff Education Foundation 5k, 10am, Eisenhower School, Calvin Ct., Wyckoff, 201-847-0360, (s#432)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/19 The Great Race of Middletown, 5k, 2k, 12pm, Middletown H.S. South, Middletown, 732-495-3585, (s#433)($)

10/19 Limbs in Motion 5k, 10am, Veteran's Park, Hamilton, (s#332)(c)

10/19 North Jersey Half Marathon, 8:30am, Pequannock, 973-809-7581, (s#451)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/20 USATF-NJ Open & Masters Men's and Women's 5km Cross Country Championships and USATF National Masters 5k Cross Country Championships, (Not a road race, but part of the USATF-NJ Grand Prix, with bonus team scoring!), Deer Path Park, 120 West Woodschurch Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822, questions and to volunteer: usatfnj@hotmail.com, 973-334-8900, (s#405)(NBGP-700pts)(USATF-NJ XC Series Event), Course Map: 5k.

10/20 Terri Roemer Paramus Run, 10k 9:05am; 5k 11:15am, Paramus Park Shopping Center, Paramus, 908-902-8587, (s#167)(c)(NBGP-500pts both races)

10/20 Fanwood 5k & Family Fun Run, Fun Run 9am; 5k 9:30am, LaGrande Park, Fanwood, (s#266)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/20 Walk for Wishes, 5k, 10am, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, 609-371-9474, (s#291)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/20 St. Pat's Community 5k, 10:30am, St Patrick Church, Chatham, (s#315)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/20 Colonial Challenge 5k & 1 Mile; 2 Mile Family Walk, 10am, Ginty Field, 49 Woodland Ave, Morris Twp, 908-245-3000, (s#319)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/20 Livingston 5k Run, 9:30am, Livingston HS, Livingston, 973-477-7108, (s#313)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/26 4th Annual Alexander's Run, 5k, 9am, Mill Hill Park, Trenton, 609-610-0945, (s#195)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/26 4th Annual Halloween 5k, 10:30am, 30 Park St, Montclair, (s#295)(c)

10/26 Be a Superhero for Kids 5k, 10am, Meadow Breeze Park, 13 Kayhart Lane, Washington, 908-689-5515, (s#309)(c)

10/26 Norwood Fast & Flat 5k, 9:30am, Norwood, 201-784-0694, (s#314)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/26 Rutherford PBA 5k Run/Walk Halloween Foot Pursuit, 10am, Memorial Park, Rutherford, (s#324)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/26 Robert P. Giaimo 5k Memorial Run, 9:45am, Fairfield Community Pool, Fairfield, 973-610-5176, (s#325)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/26 Haunted Harvest 5k, 9am, 1 mile 8:30am, Washington Crossing Park, Titusville, 973-960-5493, (s#426)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/27 USATF-NJ Open & Masters Men's and Women's 8k Cross Country Championships, (Not a road race, but part of the USATF-NJ Grand Prix, with bonus team scoring!), 10 am, Deer Path Park, 120 West Woodschurch Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822, questions and to volunteer: usatfnj@hotmail.com, 973-334-8900, (s#400)(NBGP-700pts)(USATF-NJ XC Series Event), Online registration; Status of Entries

10/27 Great Swamp Devil Run, 5k 11am, 15k noon, Basking Ridge, 908-245-3000, (s#242)(c)(NBGP-500pts-both races)

10/27 Rutgers Homecoming Run for RAH 5k, 9:30am, 1 Mile 9am, Piscataway, 848-932-1969, (s#421)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

10/27 Family Reach Foundation 5k & Family Fun Run, 9:45am fun run; 10:30am 5k, Darlington Park, 600 Darlington Ave, Mahwah, (s#300)(c)

10/27 New Milford Ed Foundation Annual 10k/5k Race, 9am, New Milford, (s#307)(NBGP-500pts)($)

November 2013

11/2 Montvale PBA 303 Annual 5k, 9am, Memorial Field, Montvale, (s#308)(c)

11/2 Harbor Seal 5k, 10am, Seaside Park Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, 732-963-7087, (s#448)

11/2 Run for Runaways, 5k, Duke Island Park, Somerset, 908-526-6605, (s#454)(c)(NBGP-500pts)e Vikings 5k, 10am, 1 Mi 9:30am, South Brunswick HS, Monmouth Junction, (s#304)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/3 Princeton Half Marathon, 7:30am, Hinds Plaza, Princeton, (s#443)(c)

11/8 NJEA Boardwalk Run, 5k, 9am, Atlantic City Boardwalk, 856-234-2485, (s#459)

11/9 Trenton Half Marathon & 10K, Trenton Thunder Stadium, Trenton, 267-799-1581, (s#449)

11/10 Giralda Farms Run, 10k & 5k, 12 noon, Giralda Farms, Madison, 973-635-5709, (s#021)(c)(NBGP-700pts-10k, 500pts-5k)($)

11/10 Garden State Plaza 5k & 1 Mile, 8:45 & 9:30am, Garden State Plaza Mall, Paramus, 908-245-3000, (s#318)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/16 HP 5k Fall Spectacular, 10am, Harrington Park, 201-913-6275, (s#279)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/16 Race For Hope 5k & 1 Mile, 8am, Calvary Temple, 1111 Preakness Ave, Wayne, 908-245-3000, (s#322)(c)

11/16 18th Annual Turkey Trot, 9am, Colonial Park, Franklin, 908-722-1200x226, (s#453)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/16 St Peter Academy 5k Turkey Trot, 9am, River Edge, (s#458)(c)

11/16 Cpl Marc T. Ryan Memorial / MC-LEF 5k Run, 9am, 34 N Burlington St, Gloucester, 856-236-7130, (s#468)(c)

11/28 The Chatham Turkey Trot, 8am, 1 mile, 5k, Chatham Highlands, Van Houton Ave & Huron Dr, Chatham, (s#045)

11/28 Ashenfelter 8k Classic, 9am, 1 Mi 8:15am, 200 Ridgewood Ave, Glen Ridge, 973-809-9311,(s#137)(c)(NBGP-700pts)($)

11/28 Trinity Church Turkey Trot, 5k, 8:30am, Princeton, (s#233)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/28 CEA/JFI Turkey Trot, 5k 9:30am, Flemington, 908-782-2911, (s#294)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/28 Kroghs Restaurant & Brew Pub Annual Turkey Trot, 1m 8:15am, 5k 8:45am, Sparta, 800-905-7331, (s#442)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

11/28 Patanella's Green Brook Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k, 8am, Green Brook, 732-841-2558, (s#466)(c)

11/30 Turkey Trot - Burn the Bird, 1 Mile, 5k, Cape May County Park, Cape May Court House, 609-465-8402, (s#131)

11/30 Burn the Bird, 5k, River Road Park, Bedminster, 201-741-6537, (s#299)

11/30 Westfield 5 Mile / 1 Mile Turkey Trot, 10:30 1 mile/11:15am 5mi, Tamaques Park, Westfield, 908-245-3000, (s#320)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

December 2013

12/1 Passaic Vally Rotary 5k River Run, 9:30am, Little Falls Rec Center, Little Falls, 973-256-5001, (s#0326)(c)(NBGP-500pts)($)

12/7 Trinity Academy 5k Reindeer Run, 9:30am, Caldwell, 917-549-0511, (s#253)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

12/7 AMBS Reindeer Run, 5k 9:30am, 1Mi 10:30am, AMBS, 785 Franklin Lake Rd, Franklin Lakes, 908-245-3000, (s#321)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

12/8 American Red Cross 5k Run/Walk for Life , 10am, Brookside Dr, Millburn, 973-376-6094, (s#333)(c)(NBGP-500pts)

12/8 Jingle Bell Run 5k, 8:30am, Jersey Gardens Mall, Elizabeth, 908-578-8361, (s#460)(c)

12/14 Mercerville Fire Company Mistletoe 5k 2013, 2pm, Mercerville,201-401-7827, (s#445)(c)

12/21 Super Santa 5k, 10am, Ginty Field, Morris Twp, 862-345-6266, (s#327)(c)


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