Intro to Sanction Insurance

A primary benefit provided by USA Track & Field to all sanctioned event and member clubs is Commercial General Liability Insurance. Each USA Track & Field sanctioned event and Association is an additional protected person on the USA Track & Field master insurance policy. The cost of this insurance is incorporated in the National Sanctioning Fee and is partially absorbed by the General Operating Budget of USA Track & Field.

USA Track & Field may provide certificates of Insurance to third parties for sanctioned events . and qualifying practices of member clubs. Applications for Certificates of Insurance are available from your local Association. The application must be completed and sent to your local Association at least three weeks prior to the event. We regret that last minute requests for Certificates of Insurance and/or changes in the coverage provided can not be honored or substantial penalties will be assessed.


A USA Track & Field sanction is a certificate issued by USA Track & Field which approves and, in effect licenses the holding of an Athletics competition in the United States. A sanction is issued only to events which meet the requirements of the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 and USA Track & Field.

Sanctions authorizing the payment of athletic funds or the invitation of foreign athletes require approval by the USA Track & Field national office as well as the local Association pursuant to Regulation 14 of USA Track & Field Operating Regulations. All other USA Track & Field sanctions are issued by local USA Track & Field Associations.

USA Track & Field sanctions are obtained by filing a completed pre-printed USA Track & Field sanction application with the local USATF Association of the event's venue and paying the requisite sanction fees. Sanction applications can be obtained either from the USATF local Association or the USATF national office.

USATF will sanction events which meet the statutory requirements set forth in the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 as well as applicable International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) and USATF rules and regulations. Events which fail to meet that criteria will be denied a sanction. In administering the sport's sanctioning policy, USATF performs a public duty which it accepted when it became the national governing body for Athletics in the United States.

Sanctions are uniform for all Athletic events, i.e. track & field meets, road races, cross- country meets, and race walking competitions.

For purposes of the insurance policy, a sanctioned event is an athletic event a defined in Article 2, described in Article 20 and regulated in Regulation 14 of the bylaws of USA Track & Field, Inc. (1996 edition and revisions thereof). Sanctions will only be issued for the sports track and field, long distance running, cross-country running, and race walking.

Sanctioned events for the purpose of this insurance are further defined to include all activities, including promotion, necessary or incidental to such an athletic event which occur within the 30 days prior to the start of that event or 10 days following the close of the event.

Description of Coverage

If you would like to receive further information regarding coverage and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please E-mail us and we will send you a copy of the current USATF Liability Insurance Program Brochure.

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